The current collection comprises three unique and fully sustainable chairs: Laurie, Lucienne and Westwood, each inspired by that iconic decade – the Fifties. What set Fifties design apart was its radical approach, excitement and boldness born out of the freedom of post-war opportunity. We’ve combined this inspiration with breakthrough environmental technologies to create a collection that’s rooted in history, yet forward-facing in design.

Furthermore, all our chairs are handmade in the Midlands using traditional frame-making techniques. We insist on only using specially kiln-dried beech. Why? Well, there’s nothing quite like it in terms of strength and durability. More importantly, it looks stunning.

We’re equally fastidious with our approach to upholstery. It is handmade. We pride ourselves on using traditional methods to create wonderfully personal and emotive pieces of furniture for you. Our upholstery is made entirely from sustainable materials. No foam, polyester wadding or anything that isn’t or can’t be fully recycled, but environment friendly materials like coconut fibre, sheep’s wool and cotton.

Choose from one of our gorgeous chairs below or go to the Bespoke page to begin the journey of creating your own unique piece of furniture.

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Showing all 8 results