If you’re going to do something, do it properly. Bring excellence. Have conviction. Do it without compromise.

At Frame & Cover, we believe that passion for furniture design and passion for ecological credentials shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. Yet designer Corinne Webb struggled to find another furniture designer who approached things this way.

So Frame & Cover was born: to apply the same meticulous attention to detail in how the furniture looks and performs and to the way in which it is made. We call this, the Frame & Cover way.

We ensure you receive the highest quality craftsmanship, all whilst in the knowledge that the CO2 footprint of your beloved furniture is minimal. To achieve this:

– Our fabric is Oeko Tex 100 certified and digitally printed. This means we use less water, energy and materials than traditional processes. We are committed to making market-leading, quality-controlled sustainable furniture that you will be able to enjoy for many, many years to come.

– Our upholstery is made entirely from sustainable materials – no foam, polyester wadding or anything that isn’t or can’t be fully recycled. Instead we use environment friendly materials such as coconut fibre, sheep’s wool and hessian.

– Our frames are made of kiln-dried beech from FSC certified forests and are hand crafted in the Midlands by master craftsmen using traditional techniques. We love beech because of its close grain – it makes it impervious to splitting. We kiln-dry everything to stop warping and cracking.

This is how we make what we make. This is why we make what we make. This is Frame & Cover.