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Second Sitters Symposium – Crafting Your Story

I had the pleasure of being invited to share my story at the Second Sitters Symposium.

Just a little a bit about Second Sitters, the National Centre for Craft & Design and the Symposium itself.

Second Sitters are now taking their very successful show Upholstery to Revolution on the road. It started at the Geffrye Museum last year and moved onto the National Centre for Craft & Design.

Upholstery to Revolution seeks to challenge and redefine the craft of upholstery. The exhibition itself took the form of a physical timeline and the exhibition maps the changes and developments within the craft to include techniques, materials and upholsterers stories. It also featured work by some very talented upholsterers. Their work looks a the craft of upholstery in a new light challenging what how upholstery is normally perceived. It was exceptionally interesting and informative exhibition, there was so much to learn and also marvel at the new take on the upholstered furniture shown in the exhibition. I look forward to seeing where the show goes next.

The National Centre for Craft & Design is located in the pretty town of Sleaford in Lincolnshire. It is home to five gallery spaces and showcases exhibitions of emerging talented artists and innovative accomplished artists. They are also home to Design-Nation which is a professional development organisation for designer-makers. They have some really inspirational and thought-provoking exhibtions. So if you are in Lincolnshire make sure you drop by to have a look at what they have on.

The symposium itself was a very interesting day where everyone was invited to listen to, exchange ideas and stories around the craft of upholstery. The panel discussion based on the subject Future Proofing the Industry provided a good deal of food for thought and raised some very interesting questions and ideas. As did the soapbox session where you were invited to have your say and ask questions on an upholstery topic that was concerning you, again more interesting ideas and questions were posed. In the afternoon session, four different speakers (myself included) were invited to share their experiences and stories of how the craft of upholstery has helped shape them and led them to what they are doing now. Below you can watch me tell my story about what led me to launch Frame & Cover.

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