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Josef Frank Exhibition

I screeched through the doors of the Fashion & Textile Museum on the last day of the Josef Frank show on Sunday morning. A friend who knows what kind of style I am normally drawn to was unsure whether the exhibition would be something that I would enjoy. However, I loved it. The colour and bold pattern were glorious. From a geeky textile designer point of view, I really enjoyed looking at the original artwork and design repeats that were used to print the designs.

This was not the main reason that the exhibition resonated with me – I was really drawn to his outlook on design and why his style developed in the bold and colourful manner that it did. He created textiles around the time when the Second World War was taking hold. To quote the Fashion & Textile Museum’s write-up: “In his textile patterns, Josef Frank created worlds that stood in stark contrast to the reality of the interwar and the Second World War. While racism, genocide, and bombings affected people all over the work, Frank depicted paradise”

I feel in some respects that we are returning to this way of thinking. To a certain extent, the rule books of style are being thrown out of the window. People are feeling much braver about expressing themselves in their homes and with this, there is mucjoh more mixing of pattern and colour. Without wishing to get too political we are entering a time of uncertainty,¬†beliefs are being challenged and being thrown into the spotlight, on top of this services and people are being squeezed on all sides. Our world is changing and it doesn’t feel like it’s for the best at the moment. A person’s home is their sanctuary and with the world feeling in turmoil somewhat perhaps this is why we are seeing people embracing, without knowing it, Josef Franks’s view on design, pattern, and colour. So let’s all try and bring paradise into our homes.

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