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Phillips Auctions – Modern Masters

I am a lover of art galleries. I’ve found endless inspiration from exhibitions that I have seen that has germinated ideas and designs. However, it hadn’t occurred to me that going to see the preview for an auction could provide such visual design delight as well as sew seeds for some new design ideas. The Modern Masters at Phillips Auctions provided just that. On sale were some beautiful design classics and it was very apparent that they had inspired products today.

One of the things that I found fascinating was that all of these pieces had come from private collections and had been up until this point been in people’s homes. It makes me happy to think that these beautiful design classics have been enjoyed and used for the purpose that they were intended. I always find it a bit sad that some objects because of their heritage and worth are rarely used for the purpose that they were designed for.

Now they are onto the next phase of their journey and on to another home. I’m sure that for years and years to come they will continue to inspire many other people. Below is some of my favourite pieces from the auction that spans upholstered furniture, lighting and cabinet furniture. There are a number of pieces that I was seriously coveting!



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